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Mr. Grand Canyon!

Many years ago, around 20…. I stumbled upon a VHS tape containing a Documentary with music of Tangerine Dream called “Canyon Dreams”…… I saw it and at that moment, my mind check it in my invisible bucket list as one of the thing to do before…….ending my life…….

So, At 51 years old, I’m fulfilling this wish on April 2014 on a 7 day Grand Canyon photography expedition with Willie Holdman and Western River Expeditions.

I’m really excited about it, and right now I have to research what stuff to carry with me, I have no clue at all………

This will be an amazing and a wonderful experience, being there deep in the canyon for 7 days, and creating a new perspective ….. will be awesome !!!!!!

Pablo Gustavo Chiodo


Guest Blogger

Various guests of Western River took the time to share their thoughts with us both before and after their journey.

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