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My Dream in Cataract Canyon – Family Vacation Ideas

The Best Family Vacation Ideas Include Rivers!

In 1970 our family (Mom, Dad and 6 kids) took a 31 day vacation driving from Ohio to California, camping each night with no reservations. We had a basic schedule but stopped as we saw places of interest. This country has so many beautiful places such as Yosemite, the Badlands, Golden Gate Bridge and Pikes Peak to mention a few.

My favorite of all was the Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon due to the natural beauty created by wind and water.

I have dreamed for the last five years of going back to this area and rafting the Colorado River so that I can see the beauty from the water that so many see from the rim. I finally decided that this is the year and I told my family of my plan. My mother said she is glad that I am finally going to fulfill my dream and to my surprise she asked if she could go along! She is 79 years old and in better than average health, excellent for her age. My youngest brother said he would like to go along too. Then my mom said it would be really neat if all of her kids could go with her, no spouses, no grandchildren, just the 6 kids and her. Unfortunately, my father passed two years ago, but I know he would be looking down at us smiling.

Our plan is the four day Cataract Canyon trip aboard a J-Rig so that my brothers and I can ride the nose through the big waves while mom and our sisters are safe in the belly. We would all get to enjoy time together since we are not all in Ohio anymore (one brother is in New Mexico and I have a sister in Missouri) surrounded by the beauty of God and all that nature has to give us.

Larry B. – Clayton, OH

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