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Rafters Express Their Excitement

It’s easy to read about rafting expeditions from the companies, because of course they are going to make it sound as alluring as possible, that’s just business, but we try to give you an accurate account of what to expect before you try it.  Here’s a review from John Winters about his Cataract Canyon rafting trip, “Great guides, great food, lots of excitement when we hit the rapids, most importantly a great group of people traveled with us as we rode down the river”.

Here’s another from Lois Wetzel, “This was a magnificent six-day trip of a lifetime, and I highly recommend it. Our guides were amazing, the food was awesome, and the care provided by them was over and above the expected”. We have hundreds more of these types of reviews up for anyone second guessing if these trips are for them at  These people range from families to solo riders, to first timers to veterans.  You only get one life, it’s time to see a side of the world rarely seen by today’s culture.

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