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Rafting in One of the Most Awesome Places in the World – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon View from Nankoweap

My husband, Frank, and I had talked about taking a raft trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon for years. We finally booked the 7 Day Grand Canyon Trip with Western River Expeditions to celebrate his 70th birthday in 2009. The morning of his actual birthday, as he later put it, we "honed" our Mountain Sheep hiking skills with a "walk" up to the Puebloan granaries from our Nankoweap Canyon campsite.

There is no way a photograph can capture the breathtaking views of the Colorado River from the side of the canyon walls. This trip was more exciting, beautiful, breathtaking and fun than we ever dreamed possible. We will forever love the memories of the adventures we experienced rafting through one of the most awesome places in the world.

Rebecca M. – San Jose, CA

Hone your Mountain Sheep Skills on a Grand Canyon Vacation 

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