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Return to the Wild

At the river’s edge you can enjoy the luxury of the great outdoors with Western River Expeditions. With a commitment to your peace of mind on the trip of a lifetime, we offer packages for the seasoned white water enthusiast to the newly inspired adventurer.

Our skilled guides are educated in the arts of the wilderness, along with outdoor medical training. Our staff remains dedicated to their learning of the natural world, while remaining current with all licensing that is required for your personal well being as you enjoy your vacation.

Experience the creature comforts as you camp under the stars. Western River prides itself on upgrading their equipment yearly to provide their travelers with the top gear from thermal sleeping bags to their own patented raft called the “JRig.” To learn about your customized river ride click here.

Western River Expeditions’ Grand Canyon rafting tours offers packages to suit the family, couples or individuals. For those new to the adventure of white water rafting tours, your guides will provide you with any assistance you require. It’s our goal to create an atmosphere that is both engaging and relaxing as you return to the wild.

Bring back a sense of wonder with a Colorado River adventure while you immerse yourself into the wide open skies and the cooling waters of the river. To learn more about us visit our website. Experience the natural world up close and personal, both the thrill and the relaxation await you.


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