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Sharing a Beer with Bro. & In-Laws on Our Grand Canyon Vacation

Grand Canyon Rafting Vacations are Life Changing

Since I was a little kid, I remember me and my father talking about doing a Grand Canyon rafting vacation. Me and my brother are both fire fighters for the FDNY and both were at the WTC at the time of the collapse. We found out later that day that my brother in-law was on the 78th floor of the second tower and evacuated before the second plane hit.

So sitting around one day we started talking about how short life is, and that we should try to do things we always said we'd do but just never got around to doing them. So we decided to do it. My brother, father, father in-law and brother in-law booked the trip that day. What a life changing experience. The grandeur, the beauty, the people that guided us (thank you Lucky, Kelly and Beek) and the new friends we met.

I can't wait to go again!!!

Kevin McD. – Englishtown, New Jersey

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