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Silently Hearing the Water With My Eyes…. A Grand Canyon Tour

We Want to Go Raft the Grand Canyon!!

Hi, my name is Paul and my wife is Leighann. She is the love of my life and amazing. We are alike in many ways. Aside from both being divorced with beautiful kids, we are also both deaf. I wear a hearing aid to be able to hear anything and she wears a cochlear implant to hear as well. And we both LOVE being around water or swimming in it.

Unfortunately, we can't go in the water while wearing our hearing devices. When we do go in the water, we never know what it sounds like to be in water. It's been like that our entire lives. So we use our eyes more to look at the tiniest detail in our environment which makes us appreciate more, for example, more with the way a waterfall looks like, no matter how big or small it is. So in a way, we hear the water with our eyes. We see how the motion changes in the stream, how the sun glitters in the water, and how the wind blows the water drops in the air.

Which is why me and my wife would REALLY, REALLY love to go on the Grand Canyon trip. I for one have never been on a rafting trip. After seeing your Catalog & DVD of the trip, it has now become the number one dream vacation on my bucket list. I want to experience every detail of that river, the trails, the native culture, and the stars in the sky. We feel that it won't matter that we wouldn't be able to hear the river, because our eyes will bring the power of the beauty that the river has.

So please bless us with this prize so we can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Paul & Leighann Boan – Gainesville, FL

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