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Surprise in Canyons Near the Grand Canyon – Ready for More Surprises!

Antelope Canyon Near Grand Canyon

My first shoot in Antelope canyon, a bucket list location for me. The tour was supposed to be for professional photographers. This was the first attempt to capture a morning sun ray. The very first turn on the tour opened up to such majesty , I think nobody was prepared for. As I rushed to get set up, I didn't realize that I had people in my frame. It turned out to be a very nice mistake. I didn't discover the photo till a few days after returning home. The people in the frame were family and friends of the photographers on the tour. They broke out anything that could snap a picture. In all my excitement, I forgot to keep my cool, and take my time framing and composing my shot. I was like a kiddy kid on xmas morning. 

I would love to take more photos in this area of the world. Rafting the Grand Canyon is another bucket list location for me, and I would LOVE to have the chance to take more photos there – even with my friends in the shot again! 

Sergio – Cleveland Ohio

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