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The Amazing Grand Canyon

The amazing Grand Canyon     People say rafting the Grand Canyon is a life changing event.  In my case, it was literally true.  After being married for 21 years, I found myself divorced and totally lost.  I had no idea who I was any longer.  My whole identity had been as Mrs.Conner.  I didn’t know who Betty was any more.  I worked at odd jobs for a few years and then destiny took me by the hand and brought me to work at Western River Expeditions.
     I had never done any whitewater rafting in my life – let alone rafting in the Grand Canyon.  I didn’t even know what rafting the Colorado River was.  I started my job at Western and two weeks later was told I had to go do a six-day Grand Canyon white water rafting trip.  "No way," I said; but the next thing I knew I was on the road to Page, Arizona.
     Scared to death the morning of my trip I met my Grand Canyon rafting guides and fellow Colorado river rafters.  Little did I know that these strangers from all around the country were soon to become best friends.  Suffice it to say these people and guides made this the greatest trip of my life.  I had Jed Lund as trip leader who encouraged me to do things I had never done such as jump off a cliff or sit up front as we rafted some of the biggest rapids on the mighty Colorado River.  There was Travis Pearce who kept us laughing the whole time and almost had me believing the Grand Canyon was held together by giant cables strechted from one side of the canyon to the other.  Drew Read was the spritely guide who lead us up side canyons to see the most amazing waterfalls and pools you would never know existed unless you hiked up to them.
     By the end of my Grand Canyon river trip I knew who Betty was.  I found out I could do things I never dreamed possible.  I found out people actually enjoyed talking to me and that I was good enough to be with other people.  I found a peace and a tranquility on the raging, mighty Colorado River that I had never felt before.  Yes, this trip was literally life changing for me.  Thank you Western River Expeditions and thank you God for the Amazing Grand Canyon!

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