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The Best of the Best – Grand Canyon Vacations

As my second seven-day trip through the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions quickly approaches, I find myself talking about what is to come more and more. My family, friends, and coworkers are dealing with my daily ramblings. Some of them run away from me and some give in and patiently ask me questions. One question that is asked multiple times is, “So what is the best part of the trip?”  It would be too easy to simply reply, “everything” which is true. If I need to recall the best of the best it may be as follows without revealing any surprises!

My best of the best practical advice would begin with bringing rain gear. Even if you don’t mind the cold, it is better to be prepared for those early morning rapids before the sun reaches the bottom of the canyon. Bring an extra pair of shoes you can wear in and out of the water. You will miss a lot if your one and only pair of shoes go missing.

I think the best spot on the J-rig raft is the middle. Of course, I took a few rides upfront and even relaxed back in the chicken coop, but I like the middle the best. It is still a good ride, a double handgrip is needed, and I enjoyed watching the waves from above and the other rafters sucking rubber!

A hike I can claim as the best was the hike to the Patio. It was only a moderately strenuous hike, but it took me out of my comfort zone. I was determined that I was only going to go halfway then turn back, but once the Western guides helped me overcome a few fears along the way, the reward at the end was unforgettable! This is the hike where I realized the guides really got to know each of the guests and what we were capable of.

All the meals were delicious and hard to imagine that they could be prepared at the bottom of a canyon. Although the one meal that sticks out as the best, not because of the food, but because of the location would be a lunch at Havasu Canyon. My husband, another guest, a Western guide, and I hiked up to one of the out of the way waterfalls. It was just the four of us overlooking vibrant blue water against the red rocks of the canyon wall. It was the best PB&J I have ever had!

My best philosophical advice is easy. I researched what was along the Colorado River and just couldn’t wait to see certain spots and just could not wait to get there. I quickly realized that sometimes it is best to simply focus on the next step on the trail rather than the next rapid down the river. Enjoy each and every moment of the journey!

Karen – Pennsylvania
Arizona – Grand Canyon 6 or 7 Day Trips

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Various guests of Western River took the time to share their thoughts with us both before and after their journey.

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