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The Grand Canyon is a great adventure for father and son to share

Family Rafting Trips
I have four sons and when they graduate from high school I take them on a senior trip. My oldest son I took to Civil War sites. The next my trip to a Formula One race at Indianapolis. My third son loves outdoor adventures so this seemed like the perfect trip for him. From the moment we stepped on the bus to take us to the canyon, we couldn’t have a better trip. The Grand Canyon is so amazing. Everywhere you look it’s almost hard to conceive what you’re seeing. We got very lucky and had a great group of people with us a family from France, for school friends from Italy who were traveling in the United States and decided to go to the Grand Canyon, a grandfather with two sons and grandkids and people from all around the United States. My son and I became friends with each one of them and my son still keeps in contact with the family from France and the guys from Italy. I doubt I will ever see at night sky filled with so many stars and in the morning some of the most beautiful views of ever seeing and I got to share it with my son and new friends that we made along the river.

Anthony Soran
Family Rafting Trips

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