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Transportation Options for the Grand Canyon 6-day tour

Here is some information about the transportation options at the beginning of the Grand Canyon/Colorado River 6-day whitewater rafting tour.

Your Grand Canyon rafting tour starts in Marble Canyon, AZ.  You can;
1 – Arrange your own transportation to arrive in Marble Canyon the day prior to your trip.  If you are meeting us in Marble Canyon the morning of your trip, we suggest making reservations at the Marble Canyon Lodge to stay the night prior.  1-800-726-1789.

 2 – Fly from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon on our charter flight the morning of your trip.  The charter flight fare is $235 per person.  If you are meeting us in Las Vegas for our charter flight to Marble Canyon the morning of your trip, we suggest making reservations at the Desert Rose Resort to stay the night prior.  We pick up our guests at 5:00 AM in the lobby of the Desert Rose (1-800-811-2450).  Please use our Group Code of WEST2011.  They should quote you a room rate of $85 + tax per room per night.  They offer luggage storage for $5 per bag and a nice continental breakfast.

3 – There is a ground shuttle also available from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon.  It is operated by Aztec Shuttle and is $100 per person.  Their shuttle leaves from the airport at 1:00 PM the afternoon prior to your trip date.  You would call 1-800-582-4139.  This is the number for Bar 10 Ranch.  They are the booking agent for Aztec Shuttle.  Then you would need to make a reservation to stay in Marble Canyon that night and meet us the next morning at 7:30 at the airstrip across the street.

The price of your trip includes the return transportation at the end of the trip.  You will exit the canyon by helicopter at Mile 187 (Whitmore Wash) and be taken to Bar 10 Ranch up on the Arizona Strip for a shower and lunch.  Planes will then come in and return guests to either Marble Canyon, Arizona, or Las Vegas, Nevada.  If you have come over to Marble Canyon from Las Vegas on the ground shuttle with Aztec Shuttle there is no extra charge for us to fly you to Las Vegas at the end of the trip.  We just need to know ahead of time so we can schedule you on the correct flight.  Your return time to either destination is approximately  3:00 PM.

Western River wants to help make the transportation to and from our Grand Canyon trips as easy as possible.  If you have any questions on the above details please give our staff a call at 1-800-453-7450.

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