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Unforgettable Memories of our Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip - Travertine Waterfall

My 2008 Grand Canyon rafting trip was the most memorable nature trip I’ve ever experienced, a gift for my 60th birthday. I have never been rafting but would highly recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking – we experienced nonstop beauty around us, and for a great stretch of the trip we saw no other humans. Thus we felt an even closer bond with nature. At night the stars seemed brighter than ever as we lay awestruck on our cots. Our day trips offered great variety to our program. This photo was shot at the Travertine Falls, in which our whole group had a delightful lukewarm shower. On the last island we visited, I accidentally I left my camera on a rock (just before we left on a speedboat). By the time I realized my loss it was impossible to turn back. Our guide promised to look for it a week later on his next tour. To my great joy, he found it and kindly mailed it across the continent to get it back to me. The camera was undamaged despite sitting for a week on a very hot rock, and the photos will always remind me of what an unforgettable journey it was! Thank you Western River Expeditions!

Beatrix Finta
Grand Canyon River Trips

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