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We’re Back! Rafting the Grand Canyon

Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the trip of a lifetime and the BEST vacation we have every had!  This trip is not for everyone. If you do not like beautiful scenery, nature, good food, fun people, and sleeping under the stars, stay home and watch TV.

We went on Western River’s Grand Canyon 7 day raft trip in April 2012 rafting the first 188 miles of the Colorado River.   We are back to finish the Colorado in April 2013.  We will be joined by some friends we met on the trip last year.  We can’t wait!!! You guys are the best.  We send our love to the best guides in the world, Trent, Joan, and Newty. We will miss you this year (can you sneak away?).  Our 2013 guides will have to work hard to match the excellent trip we had in 2012, but I’m sure they are up to the task, no pressure (smile).

We are looking forward to meeting new travelers on the raft.  We had such a great group of people on our last trip.  We call them our “River Family” and have kept in touch with most of them throughout the year!

Our new motto: “SUCK RUBBER!”

Molly – CA (Redwood Country)
Grand Canyon 7 Day Expeditions

Guest Blogger

Various guests of Western River took the time to share their thoughts with us both before and after their journey.

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