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6 Days Rafting the Grand Canyon


| August 28, 2018

We had a great time on our 6-day Grand Canyon rafting trip on the Colorado River. The whole expedition was well planned and carried out by the really fantastic river runner guides; RD, McCay, Mickey, and Keefer. They were professional and very skilled but also a lot of fun. We loved the stories they told about the history of the river and the geology of the canyon.

We liked all the different aspects of the trip. The river itself is inspiring. The landscape and natural architecture of the canyon was ever changing as we worked our way through the 188 mile serpentine course. There was always something new around each bend. The rapids were a kick. You could ride up front where you might need to "suck rubber," (duck and hold on) for a rough rapid or you could take it a little easier farther back on the raft. The side trips were amazing. These were short hikes up to beautiful waterfalls, pools, and streams where the water was a little warmer for a swim. At night when the moon sets the stars are a spectacle. After the first night we slept outside for the rest of the trip.

People on the trip were really nice. We had a whole range of solo travelers, couples, families, etc. Everybody was on a mission to have a great time and enjoy the experience so we bonded around that and found ourselves enjoying the company especially around meal times.

I would highly recommend this trip.

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