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A Most Memorable and Wonderfully Refreshing Experience Rafting the Grand Canyon


| August 30, 2012

I had paddled down the Colorado River a couple of times ages ago, and this time, wanted my husband to go too. Paddling was not an option at our life stage.  At 70 and 75 we were not the only seniors.

This Grand Canyon rafting trip was overall one that we'll never forget.  We fell in love with all the guides, who could have been our grandkids. They were helpful, hardworking and had an energy that only can be found on the river.

The food was excellent, no dieting here. The hikes and clean waterfalls were refreshing and the weather cooperated perfectly.

The whole process of loading and unloading, from breakfast to night, ran well organized and without a single hitch.

We ran the rapids without a flaw and learned about the rock layers going back in time. Heard anecdotes about life in the Grand Canyon and the Powell expeditions.

The guides had a knack for making everyone feel competent in doing anything we wanted to. I even tiptoed up the Havasu ledges, something I didn't do 20 years ago, when I swam back to the boat.

The helicopter ride a the end was definitely a perfect finale to a perfect trip. I got to ride with the bags and sat in front next to the pilot. Being the baglady is not so bad after all.
Great job Western River, R.D., Haley, Ashley, Nate, and Jason.

Cornelia - Lake Tahoe, CA and Zion, Ut
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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