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A Must Do Trip For the Inexperienced Adventurer – Rafting the Grand Canyon


| June 3, 2014

On this Western River rafting trip, everything is planned and scheduled down to the last detail but it all felt spontaneous. For some in my party, everything we did was a first time experience, the ride in a small plane to the Bar 10 Ranch, skeet shooting, riding a horse, driving our own ATVs into the desert, the helicopter ride down into the Grand Canyon, then of course, the actual rafting and seeing the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.

I loved sleeping under the stars each night and waking up to breakfast already made. Speaking of which, the food was wonderful! The only thing missing was s'mores because we couldn't have campfires...we still had great deserts though.

I can't say enough about the Western River staff on the ranch and on the river...they are the best group of people. They all know their jobs so well that they can do them while making it all look like so much fun. By the end of the river trip, I felt like I'd known Shad and Johnny for many years rather than just three days.

I've informed my daughter that we are doing this in ten years when my grand babies are old enough to come along.

Deb - Carmichael, California
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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