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Absolutely Incredible From Start to Finish…FIRST CLASS! Grand Canyon Vacations


| June 4, 2014

The 3 day Grand Canyon white water rafting trip was incredible.

Mark, Marty, Joe and Jason were the best guides. I strongly encourage anyone to request them as your own guides. They were all very focused on ensuring our safety and making it the best experience for everyone on the trip. They made sure we learned about the Grand Canyon and told many stories of historic adventures in the canyon. They also were very good cooks and the quality of the food provided was excellent.

As far as Western River Expeditions preparing us for the trip, the service was also excellent. With the e-mails prepping us and providing lists as to what we should bring. The only thing that I would suggest is to prep people for the sand whipping in the wind when stopping for lunch or the campsites. I am not sure what we would have brought different though.

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Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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