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Amazing Experience! Grand Canyon Vacation


| August 15, 2013

If you read the reviews here or on TripAdvisor, you will find perfect reviews across the board about a rafting trip with Western River Expeditions.  Prior to our Grand Canyon vacation trip, I thought this was too good to be true. Turns out everything I read was 100% accurate. What a fantastic trip!

At the Bar 10 Ranch, we were greeted by a crew of cowboys who told us fascinating stories of critters and cowboys of the past.  A horseback ride, skeet shooting, and lasso practice were the main activities. Meals were hearty and tasty. The highlight was the ATV ride to the RIM at sunset. Best extra $85 ...don't hesitate to book this. There was also a cowboy-cowgirl show at night which was entertaining and adorable. Garth is everything you imagine a cowboy could be. What a character!

Next morning, a quick helicopter ride took us down to the Colorado River where the Western River boats were. Here we met Johnny (Trip Leader), Stephen, Nick and Latimer, our guides. What a wonderful group of guys!  Who knew that saying goodbye a short 48 hours later would tug at my heart.

We were on Stephen and Johnny's boat and they told us stories, read poetry and taught us about the various people who have traveled through the Grand Canyon at one time or another. 

We felt completely safe at all times and ate so well (chicken wings, spaghetti to die for at dinner, not to mention the steak, shrimp and trout on the last night, tuna wraps and sandwiches for lunch, eggs, bacon and pancakes in the morning!)  Just delicious!  Its amazing that they can prepare such a feast and they really work so hard! 

We had so much fun and our 22 other travel companions were great too. 

Johnny describing smile breaks and the ticket on day number 1 to peals of laughter is something I am never going to forget.

A birthday cake for my 40th birthday on the floor of Grand Canyon is another.  Thank you.

When our kids are a few years older, we will be back Western River Expeditions :)!

Natalie - Montreal, Canada
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

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