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Awesome Grand Canyon Rafting Trip


| August 27, 2019

"Awesome" Grand Canyon rafting trip - filled with surprises, wondrous moments, adventure, tranquility and memories...

My high expectations for this trip were exceeded. This bucket list adventure has been on my mind for over 30 years and is finally checked off the list. A few of the highlights I would like to mention:

1. The Western River guides - top notch, the best. Not only for their technical ability and physicality to run a trip like this for 28 people with precision and seeming effortlessness, but also for their willingness to engage each guest on the trip in a unique and meaningful way. Their knowledge and narration of the sights, stories and history from the Grand Canyon was outstanding. Their professionalism and positive attitudes were infectious. Mark, Daniel, Evan and Grace - thank you. And my thanks to your families for sharing you with us!!

2. The Grand Canyon - I have seen the Grand Canyon topside before, but what you see and experience over 188 miles down the middle of the canyon and side hikes blew me away. The vastness and variety in the canyon and its inhabitants just can't be experienced from a single point at the South or North Rims. I was awestruck and surprised on a daily basis.

3. The preparation for the trip - Western River has fine-tuned the communications and packing lists for guests. There should be no surprises if you read everything you are provided!! The conditions in the Grand Canyon can be quite changeable on an hourly basis (even in HOT July) - don't disregard the recommendations for jacket, long sleeves, etc!

4. The bonding experience - can't be underestimated both for you with your loved ones that travel with you on this adventure, and with the strangers you meet on Day 1 who become your friends by Day 6.

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