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Best Job in the World! Rafting the Grand Canyon


| June 2, 2014

This whole whitewater rafting experience was new to me. I'd never been either rafting or camping before in my life. That could've made this a miserable trip. But everyone was so kind and helpful to me that I soon felt at ease on the river and at camp.

On Saturday morning as we got to our seats on the rafts, I looked back at the camp and saw Steve taking down the toilet tent, and it occurred to me how much work it was for four guides to look after all of us. But these guys, Evan, Steve, Shad, and Wiley, acted like they had the greatest job in the world.

The day before, I asked Steve if he had a favorite part of the Colorado River. He said he loved all of it, that all he really wanted was to share it with as many people as possible. I said, "Thanks for sharing."  Steve answered, "Thanks for coming."

As we headed out to see the last part of the Grand Canyon, Steve said he sincerely hoped this was our best vacation ever. He was out to make it that every time. Maybe they really do have the greatest job in the world!

As we took off in the jet boat to the bus at Lake Mead, Bonnie, another of the Western people, put her hand out the side of the boat, holding it against the wind the way a kid would do in the back seat of the car with the window rolled down. And that put the experience in a nutshell. For just a few days we were all kids again. What a joyous experience this was! Thank you so much for sharing the Grand Canyon with us!

Jennifer - Van Buren, Arkansas
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

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