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The Best Way to See the Grand Canyon


| November 15, 2016

This trip was on my husband's wish list, I went along partly because it sounded interesting and partly to make him happy. I had so much fun and learned so much about the Grand Canyon that I want to take another trip with our children and their partners.

We had the good fortune of being on the last trip of the season, so we had 4 seasoned river guides with a combined 80 years of experience. Mark kept us on track and found the best camp sites. Joe entertained us with his music and jokes. I had the good fortune of being on Ben/Latimer's and Craig/Lucky's raft. Lucky shared his extensive knowledge of the history of the people of the canyon. Latimer shared stories of past trips.

There was a variety of people on the trip and it was enjoyable getting to know them.

The meals were unexpectedly wonderful, I'm sure I gained weight. The cleanliness around the meals and potty was also unexpected and very appreciated. Going to bed shortly after sunset, sleeping under the stars every night, and waking up shortly before dawn to watch the stars fade was cathartic.

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