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Breathtaking, Around Every Bend, Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting


| February 5, 2013

This Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip was expected to be the best in my life. It smashed that expectation! I didn't want to sleep at night for fear I'd miss some new wonder. I had collected a group of friends to fill one of Western River's "J" rig rafts. One lady was not at all enthused about going whitewater rafting and camping, but was prodded to go by her husband. Her idea of camping was a 3-star hotel. On the morning of the last day in the Grand Canyon, I saw her looking up at the canyon walls. I knew it was the best testament to the magnificence of the trip when I saw her mouth the word, "Wow"!

Donald - Meriden, KS
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 / 7 Day Trip

Western River Rafting Trip
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