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Breathtaking! Grand Canyon Tour


| August 29, 2019

A Western River Expeditions rafting trip through the Grand Canyon is simply the greatest vacation we have ever had! The perfectly choreographed means of transportation from the hotel to the ranch and then down the canyon was exceptional.

The scenery was breathtaking! The rapids left us thrilled and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard and for so long, in my life!

I loved the relationships that were formed with the other guests and the cooperation with everyone getting our campsite set up to be comfortable. We set up with the sound of rolling tides and star filled skies. We had a tent but chose to sleep on our cots outside.

The guides were amazing. Each of them had 10 to 20 years of employment with Western Rivers so that says something about this company. They knew the 100 mile journey like the back of their hands so we would stop at hidden waterfalls and beautiful trails.

The food was fantastic! Chicken wings, fried potatoes, steak, shrimp cocktails, bacon and eggs, etc etc.

This is definitely a bucket list trip!

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