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Cataract Canyon Rafting


| July 30, 2019

We had a fabulous trip and adventure in Cataract Canyon with the biggest white water in North America. This was an awesome white water adventure that your friends won't believe you really did.

Scary in some areas and I thought we would flip over about 3 times but these boats were made for these conditions. We got blasted with water head-on with dynamic forces and also from the sides like a side-winder missile!! Water was forced up our helmets, up our noses, in our ears, and down our backs. There were times when the propeller was also airborne!! I would laugh at some, but then I got water in my mouth, and it had the red grit, so I had to spit it out!! Thank goodness it was a self-bailing boat, so we wouldn’t sink when becoming flooded with water.

I think I heard that this was the highest water in ten years and the fasted movement since 1983!!! The rapids looked like a boiling VOLCANO bubbling up all around you!! We had to hold on to straps and ropes with both hands as our guide steered the boat thru the best course he could decide upon with quick decision making. His name was Daniel, and he was “one with the boat”…great Captain skills here!!!

We loved this trip and we hope to do it again with other family members!!!

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