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Cool! Very Cool Indeed! Grand Canyon Trip


| September 24, 2014

We had nothing to compare this trip to and we had never been in the Grand Canyon before. To see the Grand Canyon from the Colorado River is a unique way and if you have the chance, take it.

I guess you can take the helicopter ride or a bus to the Grand Canyon and spend a few hours there, see it from above, BUT, to spend 3 days on the river, sleep under the stars when there is a full moon up, is something else completely.

The mountains and the canyon really come alive and I can´t put into words to try to explain how it looks, you just have to see it and experience it!

I want to be fair with you all and say that we had some rain during one night and during one morning, but we can not do anything about the weather. I guess that in one way we can say that we got it all, rain and sun and a wonderful trip down the Colorado River with some of the best guides ever, they really took care of you and the food they made was great.

Robert - Varberg, Sweden
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

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