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Didn’t Want it to End…Rafting the Grand Canyon


| August 27, 2019

I had never known this Grand Canyon rafting trip existed until my wife was listing her "Bucket List' items. Fortunately she knew all about it and also knew that it fills up fast so you need to plan about a year ahead of time.

Rafting the Grand Canyon was a trip of a life time that I won't ever forget. The scenery was simply epic, miles upon miles of sheer beauty. I have been to the rim of the Grand Canyon before, but seeing it like this was something else, and seeing how much of it changes from one bend in the river to the next. The best example of how great this rafting trip was is the fact that about 1/2 the people on our trip were doing it for the 2nd time!

The guides were just excellent, Mark, Dan, Evan, and Grace. They were all super friendly, helpful, and always had a smile, and always had a story to tell about this rapid or that rock or that something! The stories and the info was great. Their culinary ability each morning, noon, and night was also great.

What I didn't expect was to get to know and enjoy the company of the other 12 people on our raft, and the 14 people on the other. It made for a fun time all around and everyone pitched in where needed, having some beers before dinner in our 'gauntlet' of chairs was always a good time!

I can't speak highly enough about this trip, how well run and organized it is, and the caliber of the guides. It was a pleasure experiencing the Grand Canyon through their eyes and with their passion for it's beauty.

We will be going back again. Thank you.

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