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Exceptional Journey on a J-Rig through the Grand Canyon.


| May 24, 2019

I have heard that many consider the National Parks as America's best idea and I could not agree more. The Grand Canyon is incredibly beautiful and vast. Words cannot describe its awesomeness. Viewing the canyon from the South and North rims is spectacular and every American should experience it. Few get to see the Grand Canyon from the Colorado River and it is an entirely different journey that should not be missed.

Western River Expeditions gave me one of the best vacations ever! The key to the success of our rafting trip was the J-Rig raft (of course) and well trained and kind guides. They worked tirelessly from pre-dawn to after sunset - EVERY DAY - with smiles on their faces! And the food! Every meal was delicious - almost as if we were eating in a restaurant. I don't know where they whipped all of this wonderful food out of the boat!

And, the guide stories and knowledge of the geology and history of the canyon was very educational. I appreciate the effort and time that they have to spend "entertaining us!

I admit that at age 61, I was very apprehensive about riding class 10 rapids in the Grand Canyon. As the 188 mile trip progressed through the week, I became more comfortable with the ride because of the skills of our guides and the way that the J-Rig flexed and maneuvered up, down and around the rapids.

I appreciate all of the work that Wylie, Steven, Jace and Lindsay did for us. Next time, I will bring more tip money because if I had more, I would have emptied my wallet and gave them everything I had. They kept us safe and made sure that we had a wonderful trip.

Thank you, Western River!

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