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Exciting, Relaxing, and Memorable Cataract Canyon Trip


| November 6, 2018

Our 4-day trip in Cataract Canyon will be at the top of our list of great vacations. Our venture exceeded our expectations. Western River did an excellent job of facilitating this. The 5 guides assigned to our particular trip were talented, engaging, friendly, and confident. Excellent training on the part of Western River was evident.

I can't think of anything that was lacking during our expedition. All in our group of 25 slept under the stars each night. And woke up to cowboy coffee and great breakfasts. All meals were satisfying. The full moon that came up in the middle of the night morphed into sunrise...the canyon walls silhouetted throughout the night.

The group on our trip was easy-going and fun to be travelling with. Most likely we'll never see these folks again but our shared experience will always remind us of them.

Would we take this same trip again? I don't think so simply because it would be difficult to duplicate the great experience we had again. But we would definitely take a different trip offered by Western River Expeditions. I'm thinking the Grand Canyon trip!

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day
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