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FABULOUS – Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting!


| June 11, 2014

FABULOUS Experience!!!!!!!

I was very anxious before this Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip, but Evan and Lat were very knowledgable and explained what to expect before we went through each rapid. I highly recommend them as guides.

The side hikes were great. Got to see beautiful areas in the Grand Canyon that would not have been possible without doing these hikes. Bring good hiking shoes.

There will be great food and more than you need to eat!!!

The stars are spectacular at night.

Grace was on the other boat, and was also very helpful, especially on the hikes.

Megan was my inspiration-----6 months pregnant and hiking in sandals. I was not about to complain! So what if I did not have my good hiking boots.

Everyone in both boats was very friendly and a pleasure to be around. No one complained. What a treat to be surrounded by pleasant people.

Also, enjoyed the historical stories and all the beautiful poems!!

This was a lifetime experience.Go for it!

Milky - TX
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

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