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Great Times Bring Great Feelings.


| August 29, 2014

This trip was originally intended as our family's "last hurrah" before everyone scatters off into the winds of growing up. Little did we know just how much of a "kick" this "hurrah" would provide.

The people who surrounded us were just as surreal as the location itself. Our Western River guides Marty, Sammy, Wiley, and Stephen served as both our comrades and our heroes. Each one served his role.

Marty was an amazing boatman and educator.

Sammy made everyone smile with his happy disposition.

Stephen told great pirate jokes and stories.

And Wiley, well, Wiley just had it all. He was a fantastic trip leader.

They were approachable beyond compare, and we know that our kids appreciated their friendship throughout the trip. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts...and our stomachs.

The trip was filled with unexpected and well-appreciated turns. Whether it was the level-10 rapids, the wind-gusting waterfalls, the breathtaking views, or the easy conversation, our family was given a feeling that is oftentimes lost in our daily routines.

We felt alive.

Thank you Western River Expeditions for that feeling and the memories that came along with it.

The DeGregorio Family (Mike, Becky, Jay, Sam, and Becca) - PA
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