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Words Are Not Adequate To Say How Amazing This Grand Canyon Adventure Was For Me!


| September 11, 2012

As said above there are no words to describe how awesome this Grand Canyon adventure was for me. I planned it for nearly a year and ended up going alone. I may have arrived at the hotel alone, but when I got off the river I had many new friends and memories that I will treasure always. Cory and Wiley were awesome guides as were Grace and Newty on the other boat. They were fun and informative and laid back enough to let us relax and enjoy the canyon adventure. They love what they do and it shows in every thing they do. Pre trip was awesome...I was well prepared. I highly recommend adding the day at the Bar 10 Ranch...a great way to transition into serenity with awesome staff, activities, food and accomodations. Food...and you will not believe how great the food is on the Colorado River with Western River Expeditions....YUMMMMY. The views, the whitewater rapids, sleeping under the stars, laughing until there were tears...and even jumping off a cliff into a freezing river...nothing on this trip was less than amazing to me! I get tears in my eyes thinking of the gift of this experience...don't hesistate...just go and don't look will be glad you did it.

Sharon Chapman - Galveston Texas
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day

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