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Grand Canyon Awesome Adventure


| June 27, 2019

We took the 6 day, 5 night rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. It was truly an adventure.

They tell you not to consider it a vacation, as things can go unexpectedly. Like the weather. It was supposed to be 90’s during the day and 60’s at night. The first 4 days, we were lucky if it the 60’s during the day. And then it rained, part of every day and all day Thursday. Everyone was miserable. The guides, Latimer, Keefer and Dathan were incredible. They kept the attitudes as positive as possible, which was no easy feat. The weather did improve a little on Friday and Saturday. Less rain and a little warmer.

The side canyon hikes were awesome. The rapids were incredible. Two class 10 rapids. Lava Falls rapids on Saturday were the best. They told us what to expect. They did not under sell it. The meals were excellent. The guides were absolutely awesome.

If you are planning to do this trip, get really good quality rain gear, top and bottoms and good sandals. These are a must. Bring warm clothes for the evening. Go in with the attitude that things will probably go unexpectedly and you will have the adventure of your life.

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