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The Grand Canyon Guides Make the Trip


| October 11, 2017

I expect everyone knows the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River are the ultimate outdoor experience. The camping, hiking, and rafting are everything you expect, and then some.

But what you don't expect is the service and companionship of the guides. These guys are be pampered and fed gourmet food on a sandbar by the Colorado River is as good as it gets. They were all so incredible I want to call them out by name...

Lucky (Craig) was the trip leader. This guy must be x-military...he had everything under control and coordinated from beginning to end. He was confident and capable and I felt completely at ease in his care. We were also 'lucky' to be on his 200th trip and surprised him with cake and a party. We all very quickly became family.

Keifer was not just a gourmet cook, he was bouncing and jumping and doing three things at once. No wonder Lucky calls him the energizer bunny. Not to mention his hair :) He was always smiling and eager to help.

McKay was the storyteller. When he came to the front of the boat to sit we all gathered round knowing we were about to get a wonderful story about the history of the canyon and the people who lived and died there over the years. We even got a few personal stories of his own (no one died) :) He also demonstrated some amazing rock climbing skills to encourage us to try ourselves.

Scotty made me cry...we walked as a group deep into a canyon where he pulled out a guitar and started singing. He writes his own music about the canyon, the river, and the experience. The soul-full notes echoing thru the canyon touched me deeply. I will follow his music on Itunes but it will never sound the same...

I am honored to have met and learned from such a professional and dedicated bunch of river rats. Please thank them for me again...

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