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Grand Canyon Journey


| October 9, 2018

We never anticipated how much this Grand Canyon journey would change us. The canyon, the guides, our fellow expeditioners, the river... It is difficult to adequately describe how rich and positive this trip was. The catering was amazing. We’ve done several cruises with big cruise lines and whilst the Western River Team couldn’t match the variety found on a massive ship with almost 1000 crew, the quality of the food was actually better - and there is lashings of it.

The commentary which includes history as well as geology of the Grand Canyon was first class. Look, there is no doubt this is not a cheap trip. If you’ve come to read these reviews, you’ve already seen the pricing. But in terms of value for money - you get a lot for your dollar. Having just finished the journey, we are very happy with the experience and have absolutely NO regrets. Thanks Cory, Justin, Marty and Mac. Well done and all of us deeply appreciated the effort you guys put in. BRAVO. Wow - a life changing expedition! Worth every cent...!

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