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Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, Amazing!


| February 11, 2019

I went into this adventure with a little trepidation. I get motion sick on boats, and small propeller planes aren't exactly my favorite either, but a trip down one of the 7 natural wonders of the world isn't something to pass up when the opportunity arises.

Going was the right call.

First thing off the bat, Western River has the travel aspects running like a well oiled machine. Every different method of travel (bus, plane, helicopter, jet boat, and the raft itself of course) was well thought out and staffed with great people.

The Bar 10 Ranch was a neat experience - horseback riding, skeet shooting, ATV ride at sunset and the food was quite good. Make sure to try any of this working ranch's beef dishes.

The river rafting experience is unforgettable. The view alone is worth it, but the guides make it a genuinely fun and enjoyable trip. They are friendly, knowledgeable and waking up to eggs (made to order) and hash browns after a night of sleeping under the stars can't be beat.

Is it hot and windy? You bet - its a desert! Is the river cold? You bet - its coming down from the Rockies! Will you have an amazing time? Guaranteed.

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