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Grand Canyon Rafting, A Vacation of a Lifetime


| June 26, 2019

Rafting through the Grand Canyon has been on our bucket list for years. Pairing the 6 day rafting trip on Western River Expedition’s J-rig boats, along with the opportunity to photograph the Grand Canyon from the river perspective, as well as taking scenic hikes to see slot canyons and waterfalls, made this the vacation of a lifetime.

Our four amazing, experienced guides (Wiley and Steven, Lindsey and Jace), were well versed in the history and geology of the Grand Canyon, information they shared through interesting stories, and even poetry. They shared details about how the various rapids got their names, and made sure everyone knew what to expect on the rapids runs so we had fun, and stayed as safe and as possible. They led us on hikes to see the inner beauty of the Grand Canyon, and were incredibly supportive and encouraging on the more challenging scrambles up to, and down from, amazing vistas. With the help of participants doing “firelines,” our guides worked efficiently together to unload and reload the boats, and set up or break down camp in gorgeous locations. Our guides prepared the most delicious meals three times a day. We all wondered where all the fresh food, and kitchen equipment even came from on those J-rig boats!

Reading about rafting trips from others really doesn’t do justice to the experience we had rafting through the Grand Canyon. This was by far the best vacation ever!

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Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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