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Grand Canyon Rafting with Western River


| August 8, 2019

This was my fourth rafting experience in the Grand Canyon with Western River, each trip has been a new experience. Love it!!!

This rafting trip was a fun family trip with 3 of my siblings and my awesome sister-in-law, plus a number of other acquaintances. This being my fourth Grand Canyon trip with Western River and knowing what to expect made it more fun.

The guides were excellent in every way, from navigating through the rapids to cooking fabulous meals every morning and evening and entertaining us along the way. One of our guides "Newty" has been with us on every trip, while "Ronnie" has been with us the remaining three trips. Every time I go I see new things, a trip of a lifetime. The beauty of the canyon is breathtaking and the guides share a lot of the history that goes along with the landscape. The amazing color of the water in the Little Colorado is something to see as well as the colors and the warmth of the swimming water in Havasu.

I recommend this Western River trip to everyone. I want to go again!!!

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