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Grand Canyon Trip June 2018


| November 6, 2018

Hello from Alaska-

We cannot express enough how much this Grand Canyon trip meant to us! We were invited by great friends, having planned for 18 months and then to have seats become available allowed us to surprise our oldest Grandson and a couple more friends on this trip made it over the top! I had read numerous reviews, talked with those who have done the trip before, looked for the right clothing to take and prepared us as best I could. We couldn’t have asked for it to go any better!

First, I'd like to say that our guides Ben, Kelly, Steven and Jace were amazing, knowledgeable and extreme go-getter’s! We rode on Steven and Jace’s J-Rig the entire trip but were witness to Ben and Kelly’s multi-talents as well during our hiking and camp group time! These individual’s have so much going for them and we were honored to have been able to witness some of their strengths and get to know them individually. When they pulled out ice cream on our fourth night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, we were all in AWE! Just when you think you couldn’t love them anymore, they topped off the last night with a birthday party send-off! Our dinner included shrimp cocktail, a steak dinner and a fresh baked birthday cake! We were also graced with guitar, song, fire-twirling and of course comedic camaraderie! This trip will be at the top of our travels for years to come…

Next, I’d like to mention some pointers about gear: sun protection clothing is the key in the summer months! We found several pieces of clothing, by varying brands that offered at least 50spf which was also very thin, quick-drying and very comfortable. Our water shoe choice was made by Salomon and never felt uncomfortable while wet or dry. They held up well, dried quickly and had great traction on all surfaces we trekked! I would recommend bringing “Buffs” that offer sun protection and I loved the “Kafka’s cool tie” filled with polymer crystals you can soak in water and wrap around your neck for continual cooling affect day and night! This was a lifesaver on a couple of our very hot days and nights. I'd also recommend a lightweight full fingered glove, they’ll protect finger tips while gripping the ropes and offer sun protection. Keeping your bag under 25# was a challenge, but now having done this trip, I know what I could have left behind.

Thank you for a fantastic and memorable trip of a lifetime!

Robin, Will and Seth

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