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This Grand Canyon Trip Will Change Your Life.


| September 18, 2014

There are not enough words to describe this Grand Canyon trip adequately. I went for my 40th birthday with my husband on the August 31 - September 5 6-day expedition and I will cherish the experience as long as I live. It was a phenomenal, life-altering, unforgettable adventure.

From arrival to departure, Western River Expeditions took care of us. We arrived at Desert Rose Hotel who knew exactly how to take care of the Western guests. The next morning, the bus arrived and took us to the airport where we got on a charter plane to Marble Canyon. At Marble Canyon, we met our guides and from there we were on the river! The guides, Steve, Lindsay, Mikhail, and Newty, were incredible. They took care of us from sunrise to past sunset. They fed us three delicious meals a day. I thought I would lose weight on this trip--definitely not the case! The bathroom situation was the thing I was most nervous about before the trip but they explained everything and what to do. The portable toilets ( I don't like to use the term port-a-potties because those are gross and what Western had were not) they set up were clean and the system that was set up was so efficient. There are too many adjectives to describe the guides--friendly and welcoming, helpful,reassuring, hilarious, incredibly strong and knowledgeable. I cannot thank them enough--FYI, 10% gratuity is way too little. We wish we had brought more on the trip to give them.

Now the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. The river rafting down the canyon was spectacular. The river and canyon looked different at every bend and glowed and sparkled as the light touched the walls and water. And, there is nothing like touching 2 billion year old rock; it is a journey through Time. The rapids were a lot of fun, you can be on the pontoons and get the full-frontal experience or get a smoother experience in the back of the raft. We stopped daily for a short hike or two up the canyon, visiting waterfalls, springs, all beautiful and some with breathtaking views. And, at night, the starlit and moonlit canyon is magical and there is nothing like falling asleep underneath a sky full of stars.

The six days went by in a flash and now we are back to the real world. My husband and I had thought we would be excited to be back in civilization but we miss the canyon. If you are thinking about doing this trip, do it! It will be one of the best memories you will have in your life!

Lalita - PA
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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