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Grand Canyon Vacations


| October 11, 2017

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World; this is the way to see it and Western River Expeditions is the company to use! I came across Western River by distant word of mouth recommendation. Granted, I'd been looking forward to this vacation for almost two years because we had to book so far in advance, and it lived up to and surpassed every expectation that I had!

First of all, I felt safe! Our guides were so well-informed, truthful, hard-working and wonderfully accessible, they really made my trip everything that I wanted. I probably asked over a thousand questions. They all patiently answered each one, and were incredibly knowledgeable, humorous, and fun! For me, having a bad-ass woman as one of our guides was amazing, and made such a difference in my experience. Thank you so much, Stephanie, Skinny, RD and Mark!

I noticed right away that the Western River's J-Rig boat is the best on the river. Everybody else on S-Rigs have to ride sideways the whole time, and who wants to paddle for 12 days, and never have ice? There are multiple places to sit, depending on the ride that you want. The Uber-Adventurous straddle the front of the J-Rig like a bronco (that was me and most of my group!), or you can sit on the front of the food storage boxes, or behind on the "Princess Pad." Ok, I might have gone to the Princess Pad a few times when I needed a break!

I am picky and more than a little spoiled, and I must say that the food is fantastic and plentiful! At times, I was simply blown away with what they are able to provide! New York Steak, Eggs Benedict, fresh trout, fresh vegetables, truly amazing desserts... and I don't want to tell you what the surprises are because they are worth the anticipation!

As the trip progressed, I watched everybody, even the teenagers, relax and get back to a part of themselves they were searching for. Our whole group became friends, and it was hard to say goodbye. I experienced some of the greatest beauty and most magnificent moments of my entire life on this trip!

I have a lot of places to visit in this world, but I will make a point to come back to Western River and the Grand Canyon. Thank you!

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