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Grand Canyon Vacations


| November 21, 2017

This was the perfect vacation, thanks to the crew! The crew on this trip were true professionals, confident and reassuring in their outstanding navigation skills, yet humble enough to defer to the vagaries of the Colorado River. Besides technical skill as a boatman, the mark of a great guide is someone who can: still be funny telling a joke he has told 100’s of times; sound spontaneous in relaying a story from history about a pie pan that he tells every single time he passes it; make geological processes sound like the riveting drama that they are; instill guests with a healthy mix of excitement and white-knuckle fear about the rapids they are approaching; encourage exploration while keeping safety at the forefront; and relay the utmost respect for the human cultures, history, lives, and institutions that have shaped this place. These guides had all of these abilities and more.

I work in the field of ecosystem conservation, and I am absolutely certain that people like Steve, Evan, and the Newty’s – Greg and Paul, are at the front lines of making a difference conserving the amazing landscapes of our country. They do this by giving people an intellectual, physical, emotional, and deeply personal experience of the Grand Canyon. Many thanks to all of them, and the staff at Western River Expeditions for that gift!

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