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My Buddy Asked if I Knew What Day it Was, and I Knew I Only Had a One in Seven Chance of Being Correct – Grand Canyon Vacations


| June 12, 2015

From start to finish, this rafting trip was an adventure. A blend of excitement, serenity and camaraderie in a setting of unequalled beauty. The 188 mile upper canyon trip we took gave us six days on the river and I felt alive every second of it.

The logistics and equipment were ideal. The Western River guides proved themselves to be part geologist, part camp counselor, part chef, part entertainer, and always expert boatmen.

I spent last night (my first night home) at a neighborhood gathering showing off my well earned bruises and recounting stories of our adventure to a gathering crowd of friends who were unabashedly envious. I felt like a pitchman for Western River, but that was fine with me. Why not let people know about what I will always remember as the best vacation of my life.

I will begin editing the 1400 pictures our group took soon and post a few favorites to this site soon.

Don - FL
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day

Western River Rafting Trip
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