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Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting


| December 8, 2017

Tips/comments for a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip:

Fantastic nature experience: "Caution Non-Campers".

1) Be prepared if you are not in pretty decent shape, you will be twice a day, lifting 25+ pound bags up and down slopes ~30 yards to a tent site, set up and break down your tent and cot; the hikes, while beautiful, can be somewhat dangerous and exhausting.

2) If you are shy about going to the bathroom, please note that you will be in a wilderness environment with very primitive conditions.

3) Bring a sleeping pad for your cot; about $130+ and worth every penny; the cot has no padding which is ok if you are young but if you are over forty I would seriously consider buying a pad.

4) The food was fantastic.

5) The rapids were unbelievable.

6) The night sky and scenery were breathtaking.

7) You will alternate between getting way too much direct sun without any shade for many hours at a time and too much shade without any sun getting chilly with 50 degree water on your person.

8) Rain gear and gloves essential; pay attention to and utilize the Western River Expedition packing list.

9) The Western River guides were wonderful.

10) To wash up, you will immerse in 50 degree water - it is very very cold; not kidding.

11) Upon your return to civilization, you will appreciate the wonder of turning a valve and receiving hot water instantly!

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