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Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting


| November 28, 2018

This was the most unique, beautiful, and exciting whitewater raft trip of my life.

Western River is a company who does what they do really, really well.

Every aspect of the trip went off like clockwork, from getting to the river to getting off the river and back to Vegas.

Our three guides, Shad, Kiefer, and Austin were as good as you could ever possibly ask for. They did not miss a beat in the 6 days we were under their guidance. Full of knowledge, and understanding of how to create fun experiences, and providing us with great food throughout are just a few of the qualities these 3 men provided for our group of 18.

Anyone reading this would be well advised to book your Grand Canyon river trip with Western River. There is no way any other outfitter can do it any better.

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Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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