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Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting, a Trip of a Lifetime


| December 27, 2018

We knew we would love the Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip based on the scenery, rafting, hiking, and history. What made this even more special was the friendships and fellowship from our fellow rafters. With no cell phone distractions you have an opportunity to meet and interact with a group of people who share your love of the Grand Canyon.

The guides were superb and made the trip awesome. R.D. Wright is the best boatsman and I enjoyed talking to him about his previous incarnation as a national caliber pole vaulter. Mickell McKinnon has an extensive knowledge about all the history, geology and stories of the canyon which she shares with you. Roni Haymond the tour leader kept us smart, safe and started the day with an upbeat "poetry" reading which set the stage for an upbeat day. Jeff was very cognizant of those of us who were overheated and or dehydrated and kept an eye out for us (much appreciated).

This was a wonderful experience which I hope to repeat someday with my children and my grandchildren. Western River Expeditions is the best at putting together a great experience. We will be back!

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