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Grand Canyon Whitewater Vacation with Incredible Guides


| February 14, 2019

Our group was paired with Steve and Scott... both of whom were exceptional guides. Not only was their knowledge of rafting and camp; the canyon fantastic but they went out of their way to make sure everyone on board was having a good time.

Scott kept a watchful eye on one of the older members of our group who had mobility issues. Scott had this amazing ability to pop up the moment an extra hand was needed, but always in a way that protected the guest's pride… he was the Guardian of the incredible walking stick that we found on day one… making sure it was never left behind and available the moment we were off the boat. Scott also became a vital resource to the impromptu acapella group we formed.

Let's not forget about Steve....This is my 3rd trip down the river with Western (and my mom's 7th)... we both agree that Steve is, and will continue to grow into, an incredibly talented guide. He was so helpful and eager to accommodate any request. If a question was asked that he wasn't 100% sure of, he'd find the answer and make sure the guest got the information they were after ASAP. It was wonderful to watch Scott take him under his wing, teaching him about rapid approach techniques, "tricks of the trade" and kernels of knowledge he'd acquired over his tenure on the Colorado. Steve was a "Sponge" soaking up any insight offered by the other guides, but also suggestions made by the guests. Steve quickly became one of group. He was "in the trenches" with us during rapids and experienced similar “hardships” we did. (Ref: beetle in ear & sacrifices to the “river gods”). He was always engaging in our conversations & stories. You could tell his number one priority was keeping us safe, but he wasn't above getting mauled by a few big waves (with a huge smile on his face). Steve's passion for this "job" is contagious... his enthusiasm and excitement for the Canyon is so genuine and he truly made the overall experience one we'll never forget.

Thank you both!

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