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Heading to Las Vegas? Try Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting?


| May 9, 2013

If you are reading these Western River reviews and are not sold on a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip, I say just go ahead and book it. 

Here are a few comments -

Awesome terrain and Colorado River rapids.  This canyon is like no other place in the world. The government keeps the place highly regulated, so it is clean and pristine, almost like it was when white folks first found it. The guides provide insight into early exploration and the natives who first lived there.

Western River Expedition's guides are highly professional and knowledgeable. Safety is top priority, and making sure you enjoy your trip is a close second.  We rode with Lucky, Kelly, and Lucky's buddy Beek. All three were top notch guides and loved the work.

Fantastic coordination and logistics for a whitewater rafting adventure.  I was amazed at the smoothness of operation.  I was in Scouts for about 10 years and earned an Eagle Scout award.  That experience taught me that when it comes to being in the elements of the wilderness, preparation is key, and disaster may visit if you aren't prepared.  Watching our guides take care of business was half the fun for me.

Bottom line - money well spent.  Forget Vegas!

Ethan - Asheville NC
Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day

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