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Moab Sampler = Amazing


| July 2, 2019

We went on this trip with a group of friends. There was plenty of organized activities scheduled within the tour to do activities together with our group yet there was plenty of time on our own to do things based on other areas of interest.

We lucked out getting Molly for our Arches Tour in the morning and the Hummer Tour later that evening. She was amazing and pointed out places and things to do and see in Arches that we might not have voluntarily done or seen on our own. She even had us pose in cheesy ways to support Balancing Rock. She’s an excellent phone-ographer. Somehow, as if the Hummer Tour wasn’t thrilling enough, Molly made every minute super scary while making us feel safe at the same time. If you get lucky enough to have Molly, you’ll not only fall in love with her, you love her contagious laugh as well.

Our rafting guides were Lou and Jake. They were amazing. They took care of everything! The most we had to do was set up our cot and chair. I’ve never had to do so little during a camping trip. They cooked, cleaned up, and even set up games for us to play. The rafting ranges from calmly floating along to paddling a bit through some rapids. The water was refreshingly chilly. As if Lou and Jake didn’t do enough, they took the time to learn each of our names quickly and engaged each of us in individualized conversations. They even managed to get two kids (a teen and tween) to put down electronic devices and engage in activities, games, and conversation. What!!!!

The Moab Vacation Sampler was a really great tour. It was perfect for our first trip to Utah. There was plenty of scheduled up and down time. They even scheduled the right amount of time on your own. I recommend coming a day or two before the tour begins as well as staying a day or two after the tour ends. You’ll definitely at least need to find a shower after coming off the river.

I would recommend this tour. It was a lot of fun and was well run and organized.

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Moab Utah - Southwest Sampler Vacation
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