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Moab Utah Rafting


| November 17, 2017

Taylor, Jon, Elizabeth, Brian, and Stewart were the best guides ever on my Moab, Utah rafting trip, notwithstanding this was my 1st ever whitewater rafting experience. They were very congenial, well organized, prescient, and great cooks with great menu choices. Who would have thought that for dessert the last night we would have Bananas Foster with real ice cream! If anyone went hungry on this trip it was their own fault.

Brian did a brilliant job pairing Jerry with Dixie as rowing partners as we negotiated some of the toughest rapids.

In conclusion let me also add that what also added to my enjoyment was the lack of swearing, off color jokes, or 'hitting on' anyone. If that makes me a prude then so be it. You guys rock, and I pity your competition.

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